This bathing platform made of teak wood is manufactured by two types of materials, the tubes are made of metal with aluminum coating and varnished wooden beams, this product is brought to you through the great website for online nautical sale called, which with a vast catalog is responsible for selling all kinds of accessories and complements for your boat at the best prices.

This aft platform is also known as bathing platform, which is a steel structure with a certain metallized aluminum coating, with pieces of wood as beams, is used for daily cleaning, as can also be used to support the towels or change of clothes while you are bathing.

This product can come in different sizes, apart from that it is much sought after by many owners of boats, ships, yachts and sailboats, in order to prepare your vehicle before embarking on the journey to the strong, wild and beautiful sea, at the same time this platform can come in two forms, one is fixed and the other is deployable.

The importance of the Teak Platform

The teak platform is also known as the bathing platform which has great importance because it beautifies in a unique way whether boats, sailboats, yachts, boats among more, these bathing platforms can be obtained in many online nautical shops at really affordable prices.

These bathing platforms can come in different models, sizes and colors beautifying the nautical vehicle, so that the owner can enjoy diving, swimming or marine exploration and get out of the water with great ease due to this great accessory such as bathing platforms.

The aft platform for boats has become really fashionable today so much so that now there are two types of model, one is the submersible and another is the normal model, prices may vary depending on the models chosen although most experienced sailors prefer the traditional version young people with their luxurious yachts prefer the experience in the innovative submersible platform.

But above all these teak bathing platform with 430×530 mm is one of the most sought after models because of its strong resistance to weight, its high quality materials that gives the user the security that will bear the weight of different people who use it, without fear that it can not bear the weight of someone and will break.

These bathing platforms have a great resistance to speed that can be submitted, for example, if the owner of the boat leaves the bathing platform embedded while sailing to the next exploration point, this platform can withstand from 30 knots to 78 knots maximum without breaking, no doubt a surprising fact.
In summary, this Teka bathing platform is an accessory of utmost importance that must be in any nautical vehicle, that is why brings this product with the most affordable price, so that any owner of a nautical vehicle can buy this wonderful product. You can also find bow platforms for sailboats at unbeatable prices.

platform for sailboat

Boat Rentals: Perfect Views of Ibiza!

Ibiza is called the “most beautifull island of the World”, there is little doubt that it has some of the most exclusive yacht rentals that can be offered anywhere in the world. Ibiza boat Rentals where you will find the keys where you will see some of the most exciting ways to spend your holidays. Fishermen from all over the world come to taste the waters of Ibiza with the incredible fishing sports .

If your passion is fishing, then this is the right place to be. Ibiza Boat Rentals can equip you with all the equipment you need to allow you to participate in all the excitement of fishing. There is a wide variety of boats to choose from, so it is easy to choose what works best for you with its size and style.

The options offered in Charter Ibiza Boat Rentals

No matter what you are looking for on holiday, if there is anything that has to do with the boat and the water is located in Ibiza. Even if you are looking for a place to have a romantic honeymoon, a yacht charter in Ibiza will allow you to get away from it all and find total privacy to revive the romantic reasons why you fell in love with each other at first.

If your problem is a very stressful and busy life to give Ibiza Boat rentals the opportunity to help you find a solution to this situation. Let your imagination run with thoughts of the chain of the Ibiza Island, with many places for total privacy and where you can go by boat. You can enjoy exploring these places without the cost of having a boat with rental yachts.

More Ibiza Boat Rentals points

There is no better way to feel the feeling of being in the sky than being in the sea with the breath surrounding it and beautiful scenery around it. It is a perfect relaxation absorbing all the beauty of the landscapes that exist around it. Ibiza Boat Rentals will allow you to have the opportunity to go to the water and

Take a look at this beauty for yourself.

Spend time in Ibiza and browse the beautiful site using Ibiza Boat rental Services and feel refreshed and prepared to deal with a world that rebounds again. The stress and annoyance of what needs to be faced with someone every day will not disappoint you again because you will know that this planet still has places intact because of terrestrial problems.


Factors To Look For When Selecting A Fishing Boat Rental

Sports fishing is a popular pastime that many take for the current and Florida keys is one of the best places to enjoy. You can find different types of fish all year round in the Florida Keys. Even if you don’t have your own boat, you don’t need to worry because you can find a number of companies that offer the rental fishing boats in the Florida Keys.

Tips for renting a fishing boat

Many companies offer fishing boat rentals in the Florida Keys also offers the motorboat to ensure that guests can cruise comfortably. However, there are other requirements that will make you comfortable and safe at sea. Below are some of the things to look for when choosing a rental fishing boat in the Florida Keys.

Well maintained

The first thing to look for in a boat rental fishing boats is offered in good working condition. You can have an idea of the quality of the fishing boats simply by looking at the buildings and the office rent. If this condition is not good, it is likely that the ship would also be in the same condition.

Safety Equipment and equipment

Other things to look for when renting a boat is the inclusion of safety equipment and supplies. Make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment on board because it is a legal requirement. Avoiding the use of the rental company does not offer the appropriate safety equipment. Also, check the equipment to make sure it works well.

Maps and charts

Fishing boat rental companies often include reliable maps and charts. This allows you to easily find your way around the sea. Some companies even offer GPS systems to help you try to move around.

In addition, you should also look for a boat that has a radio on board for communication. Learn how to use it before you put on the veil, so it will be easier to relate to someone if necessary.

My first experience with water ski

Ski. I have a level sufficient to defend myself, that is, to escape, from time to time in some small weekend trip, to a ski resort to ski with some friends. I do it very occasionally because my wife does not ski, and it would not be a matter of getting used to going alone and leaving her alone here in Madrid. Before marrying, and despite never having become a great skier, I have visited many ski resorts in Spain and abroad on various trips. For example, in Spain I have skied in Baqueira Beret, Astún, Candanchú, Formigal (here also at night, with artificial light), Panticosa, Navacerrada, Valcotos and Valdesquí. I also know the Sierra Nevada station, without snow, because of a summer I went to meet her. I did not mind at all seeing those wonderful, grassy mountains instead of snow. Outside of Spain, I have skied in Tignes, Val d’Isère and Les Arcs 1800 (French Alps), Lech and Zürs (in the region of Alberg, Austria), Garmisch Partenkirchen (southern Germany). I have also toured the wonderful green meadows that cover the mountains of the Austrian region of El Tirol in summer.

As you can see, I wasted no time.

Water skiing. For more than 20 years my father had a motorboat in Jávea (Alicante), the family’s usual summer resort for more than 30 years, we had skis for the practice of this sport. I was never attracted enough and, in fact, I never practiced it until one day in a month of August, I said to myself: Come on, I’ll do it. I can not afford to consider myself an athlete, have motorcycles and skis and do not know how to do water skiing … Go ahead Borja. I put on the skis, threw myself into the water and said to my brother-in-law, who was driving the boat: I left the water at first. My brother-in-law took several laps around the bay, I fought several waves and I made many sudden turns that he purposely caused me to fall. In one of them I did it, and I did not try it again. But there is the ax: with only a couple of instructions that I knew had to be done to ski, the desire, motivation and decision enough to do it, I got, at the first attempt, to do water skiing …

The world is short of geniuses: Einstein died, Mozart too … and my head hurts.