Nautical gauges are considered to be pieces of great importance in the hydraulic system that makes up a boat, being essential for the proper functioning of it and the services it provides to its crew.

These gauges for boats are known as pieces that are located inside the water tanks corresponding to the interior of the boat, capable of connecting with clocks that offer a control of the water level that conforms the tank.

That is to say, the flow meter can be defined as a valve in charge of indicating the level of fresh water inside the nautical deposits, providing the necessary information to take precautionary measures in case of wanting to make a long trip and not having enough fresh water.

More than an important piece, these tools turn out to be an element that can offer essential information for any trip made in a boat, so it must be a piece that every boat with a tank must have.

Knowing this, it is important to have flowmeter that are in their best possible condition, considering that they are responsible for providing the level of filling that have the water and fuel tanks, on which the entire crew depends for a long or short trip.

For this reason, it is necessary to go to a quality nautical shop in Spain that can offer a piece of great duration, taking into account that a malfunction of a piece such as this, can cause a boat to be in the middle of the sea, without water or fuel.

A quality part can make a big difference to your boat.

Like every part in a boat, nautical gauges fulfil a function that, however small it may seem, is essential for the proper functioning of any boat, regardless of size. For this reason, it is important that this piece is of excellent quality.


They work for fuel and fresh water tanks, considering that the same type of gauge can be used for either of these two types of tank.

They are used for black water, being used mostly by the larger vessels that have a larger number of tanks.

They provide the level of filling of the tanks, avoiding that the boat is without fuel or fresh water in the middle of the sea.

They are made of corrosion-resistant materials, thanks to the fact that constant exposure to liquids can wear out a piece of poor quality.

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