This bathing platform made of teak wood is manufactured by two types of materials, the tubes are made of metal with aluminum coating and varnished wooden beams, this product is brought to you through the great website for online nautical sale called, which with a vast catalog is responsible for selling all kinds of accessories and complements for your boat at the best prices.

This aft platform is also known as bathing platform, which is a steel structure with a certain metallized aluminum coating, with pieces of wood as beams, is used for daily cleaning, as can also be used to support the towels or change of clothes while you are bathing.

This product can come in different sizes, apart from that it is much sought after by many owners of boats, ships, yachts and sailboats, in order to prepare your vehicle before embarking on the journey to the strong, wild and beautiful sea, at the same time this platform can come in two forms, one is fixed and the other is deployable.

The importance of the Teak Platform

The teak platform is also known as the bathing platform which has great importance because it beautifies in a unique way whether boats, sailboats, yachts, boats among more, these bathing platforms can be obtained in many online nautical shops at really affordable prices.

These bathing platforms can come in different models, sizes and colors beautifying the nautical vehicle, so that the owner can enjoy diving, swimming or marine exploration and get out of the water with great ease due to this great accessory such as bathing platforms.

The aft platform for boats has become really fashionable today so much so that now there are two types of model, one is the submersible and another is the normal model, prices may vary depending on the models chosen although most experienced sailors prefer the traditional version young people with their luxurious yachts prefer the experience in the innovative submersible platform.

But above all these teak bathing platform with 430×530 mm is one of the most sought after models because of its strong resistance to weight, its high quality materials that gives the user the security that will bear the weight of different people who use it, without fear that it can not bear the weight of someone and will break.

These bathing platforms have a great resistance to speed that can be submitted, for example, if the owner of the boat leaves the bathing platform embedded while sailing to the next exploration point, this platform can withstand from 30 knots to 78 knots maximum without breaking, no doubt a surprising fact.
In summary, this Teka bathing platform is an accessory of utmost importance that must be in any nautical vehicle, that is why brings this product with the most affordable price, so that any owner of a nautical vehicle can buy this wonderful product. You can also find bow platforms for sailboats at unbeatable prices.

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